Height Adjustable Desks

At Amahle Office Furniture we want to inspire our clients to take their office space to a higher level by creating a healthier working environment by offering them an Height Adjustable Desk. 
Standing desks are beneficial for health  and a closer look at the advantages makes it difficult not to make the transition from traditional desks to standing desks.

Benefits of Standing Desks are enormous.

Less Obesity Risk
Leading standing desk researcher, James Levine of the Mayo Clinic, conducted a study on a group of office workers and found that by standing while working burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting.
Better Posture
If you want to improve your posture and reduce eye strain, a standing desk is a smart option. It’s important to set it up the right way, though. Your computer screen should sit just above resting eye level, so you have to look up slightly to see it. This keeps you from hunching over or slouching as you tap away on your keyboard. The simple act of standing will also improve your core strength, leading to better overall posture
Longer life
It makes sense that mortality may rise since sitting too much is related to cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Consider the findings from this 2011 study: Americans increase their life expectancy two years by reducing sitting time from the standard six hours to just three hours per day, instead.