We offer solutions for floor partitions and desk based dividers.  These can be customer made to designer and architect specification.Our budget range is an affordable desk and floor screen which is available in all popular colours.We also supply glass and lexan screens with aluminium frames.Typically screens are used to separate large rooms to create individual cubicles and to help reduce noise.

Amahle Office Furniture offers a range of desk screens in material with aluminium frames,velcro edging, glass screens as well as glass and material combinations in any colour material and sizes.
Work station office screens serve the purpose of dividing up an otherwise open-plan area so that each desk has its own personal space. Typically used to separate large meeting tables into individual cubicles, these dividers reduce noise and visual distractions – creating ‘instant’ workspaces that are both practical and well-priced.
The following are some factors to keep in mind when considering desk screen dividers:
Often, the aim with creating an office space is to establish something temporary, in the simplest way possible. Construction crews, painting, decorating – these might be necessary for larger spaces, such as boardrooms or cafeterias, but on a smaller scale permanent structures are seldom a necessity. Workstations are much easier to coordinate, reallocate and even repair when their construction is modular. Additionally, the Amahle Office Furniture selection of screen designs allows far more opportunity to customise your workspace than more permanent structures.
Amahle Office Furniture offers a range of screen dividers. 31 mm thick, these screens are available in various sizes and types, allowing you the freedom to personalise your office. Basic, all-purpose upholstered screens with aluminium trims are complemented by Partglazed 6mm clear acrylic standard screens. Management rail screens feature hanging suspension slots, perfect for accessory systems and unit extensions.
In keeping with the theme of customisation, an advantage of floor-standing screens is that they can be manufactured to specific sizes and dimensions. This gives you – the office planner – the ultimate in design freedom; choose between shapes, sizes, finishes, fabrics and combinations of various elements to create the motif of your choice. With design options like this, your workspace dividers are more than just an efficient way to optimise your workspace – they’re an asset that gives you the freedom to set up your office the way you want it.