Boardroom Tables

Our boardroom tables come in many designs and finishes.  All of the designs can be manufactured in any size to fit your space.We also supply the rotodocs for the tables and have them cut out and built into the table.Servers are manufactured to match any boardroom table.

Veneer Coulor Options
Melamine Coulor Option

Carefully chosen boardroom tables should factor in functional efficiency, comfort and aesthetic décor. Integral to the aesthetics and function of a boardroom is the choice of the boardroom table which also showcases the image and brand of an organisation.
A critical factor in determining what type of boardroom table to choose is size. The space of a room bears due consideration on the size of the table required. Also, the boardroom table should be large enough to accommodate all those who would be using the room. In addition to the space available for a boardroom table one needs space for other boardroom essentials and functional requirements. These include whiteboards and projector screens or television sets for presentations. There should also be enough unoccupied room to create an ideal atmosphere during presentations.
The design of a boardroom table is another serious consideration. Design and technology have ensured that folding mechanisms, also known as interlocking pieces, used in the manufacture of boardroom tables enable various arrangements in size and shape of boardroom tables to be configured to allow for individual preferences and needs.
Whether you opt for a classic look with a boardroom table made of veneered wood or trendier materials such as metal or glass to convey a more modern look, the number of styles in boardroom tables available means that there is sure to be one that is perfectly suitable for any boardroom. For a professional look, the room’s finishes as well as the meeting chairs to complement the boardroom table should also be borne in mind when buying the boardroom table.
In the modern boardroom of an organisation, innovative features of a boardroom table should make allowances for data ports and facilities for cabling access to facilitate the use of laptops and other equipment. It does well to remember that the choice in boardroom table sets the tone of the boardroom, meetings held there and the professional relationship with clients.
When it comes to boardroom tables and representing your company appropriately, only the best will do in order to create the right atmosphere.
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