Right Space for the Company

Because you are concentrating on your core business, companies often don’t “get” the space they need when deciding to move or refurbish. It is useful to use the services of an experienced space planner to advise you on how much, or little, you actually need, before you get a property company to look for that new office, or, an interior architect to design a new office layout. Often, space planners can show you why you actually don’t need the space you thought necessary, with lots of added benefits, of course:

Lower monthly office rentals
More money to spend on office furnishings, fittings and finishings
Conversely, if you under-estimate your space requirements, it can not only become a very costly exercise, when you consider rentals are generally done on a five year lease, but you put your business at risk.

The planning stage is probably the most important, so firstly, look at all the disciplines that make up your business, decide how they should be grouped and accommodated and only then call in the space planners to advise you on the best course of action.