No more dull and boring office furniture

No more dull and boring office furniture! At Amahle Office Furniture we find joy in stirring things up.  Whilst comfort is an asset to our quality of life, it doesn’t have to come at the expense of eitherpracticality or functionality. Achieving a happy balance between plain and fancy, robust construction and fine design, industrial production and delicate craftsmanship is the task we set ourselves on a daily basis.

Using spaces wisely and maximizing their usability is often challenging.  Careful planning was required in refurbishing a small reception area, with a reception counter that was both beautiful yet functional, in the limited space available.  Colours and patterns are an integral part of our life and very useful in creating different working environments.  Fun, bright, colourful contact fabric was used for the screens and chairs to brighten up some fairly dull basement offices for a young, vibrant, creative workforce.   We use patterns to proudly flaunt our identity.

At Amahle Office Furniture whether we are tasked with furnishing new offices from scratch or finding a solution for one small meeting room we approach the task with the same energy and joy. We take client satisfaction very seriously.