Spine Range

An ergonomically correct chair is essential for good posture while seated. Simply owning an ergonomic office chair is not enough. Your chair needs to be adjusted to suit your body proportions to improve comfort and reduce aggravation to your spine. When seated correctly in your office chair:

  • Your feet should be flat on the floor.
  •  You should be able to easily slide your fingers underneath your legs towards the front of the seat – Ensuring you are not cuttingoff circulation. If there is more space between the seat and your legs, you must adjust your seat upward.
  •  You should allow about 8cm between your inner knee and the front of the seat.
  •  Your hips should be slightly higher than your knees.
  •  You should sit as far back in your seat as possible so that your back and thighs are completely supported.
  •  You should have a good lumbar support to maintain the proper curve in the small of your back.
  •  You should sit close to your desk.
  •  Your elbows should be resting close to your body.
  •  Your shoulders should be relaxed.

The Spine Chair has the following features that assist with the above. • Permanent Contact Mechanism – Designed for maximum lumbar support, the backrest is set to a fixed position for support of the spine and hips of the operator. • Gas height adjuster • Lumbar Support – To support the inward curve in the small of your back • Waterfall Seat – Preventing poor circulation to your lower legs. • Firm high density foam – For a comfortable seat • Adjustable Arm Rests